Sunday, June 14, 1981

Kelly and Garth @ Magic Mountain - June 1981

Garth was my first college boyfriend.  We met at a fraternity party.  The house where the party was hosted was a split level home.  I was sitting on the floor of the living room at the lower level and Garth was standing in the dining room at the upper level and holding a red rose.  Garth caught my eye, sniffed the rose and threw it down at my feet.  In that instant, I was completely smitten. 

Garth was a big time surfer and skimboarder, worked in the warehouse of Lucky supermarket and smoked dope from time to time.  I loved that he had a kind heart and a huge amount of goofy optimism toward life.  He always wore 501s, Oxford shirts and Flojos and drove a beat up Camaro (when it was working).  He was a huge romantic and brought me cards and flowers nearly every time he saw me.

He had a learning disability so he'd dropped out of school.  That was difficult for me because I value education.  After we parted ways, he returned to college and studied a foreign language so he could serve in the mission field in China.

We dated from the winter of 1980 through the fall/winter of 1981.  I loved him madly but I knew he wasn't "the one."  I knew that, if I stayed with him, I'd never graduate from college or become a better person.

And yet, he still broke my heart when I found he was cheating on me--especially because I found out about it from my best friend.  I remember running from his apartment in tears, looking at the cracks in the sidewalk and thinking, "This is the last time I'll ever see these things."

My Mom always shared the Gospel with my friends.  Garth was no exception.  Years later, he became a pastor and went to China on a mission trip.  I think he ended up being a youth pastor.  He sent me a letter apologizing for many things in our relationship.  I lost track of him decades ago and never expect to see him again on this side of heaven.  I look forward to seeing him again in eternity.

Friday, May 01, 1981

Blast from the Past: Spring Sing 1981

Clubs Slide into Spring Sing Act
by Dwight Cummings - Staff Writer

Acts based around the theme "if they could see me now" were presented by campus clubs competing during Long Beach City College's 30th annual Spring Sing held May 1, 1981, in the Liberal Arts Campus Auditorium.

"The Spring Sing is one of two big events for clubs," Lisa Williems, Spring Sing committee chairman said.  "Winning this event is very important to the clubs.  There was fierce competition."

Sponsored by the Associated Student Body, Spring Sing has a dual purpose, according to John Fylpaa, Associated Men Students adviser.  One of the event's major purposes is to raise money for scholarships.  half of the money raised goes to the individual club scholarships and half goes to ASB's general scholarship funds.  In addition, Spring Sing is a well-attended social event, a fun-filled campus caper.

Cecil Davis, college police, estimated that 750 people view the clubs' performances this year.  For the first time, the audience was treated to a multi-visual presentation.  As groups performed on stage, slides were projected in the background.  According to Fylpaa, the slides added another dimension to the show.

"I think Spring Sing is a fine example of students using a variety of different social skills, working through a process to come out with a final project," Wells Sloniger, student affairs dean and faculty sponsor, said.  "I think it's a fun and rewarding experience for the students involved."

Judging from the audience's reaction, the show was well-received.  Dave Pedersen, master of ceremonies, had to ask the audience to quiet down during performances.

Entre nous won the women's division with Vidar taking the men's division.  Unicorn Enterprises won an uncontested coed division.  TNT took the sweepstakes award.  Other awards presented were for the men's and women's charity drive with Ramayana taking firs and TNT second in the women's division.

Willems explained that judging was based on choreography, costumes, evidence of practice, musical quality, originality, utilization of stage, interpretation of theme and overall entertainment.

"Spring Sing is an event to look forward to every year," Vidar alumnus Kent Matheney said.  "It's just an experience for the clubs to open up and just have fun."

An elderly man in the audience gave an on-the-spot critical review.  "I thought everyone enjoyed himself," the man said.  "It was a bit like watching the 'Gong Show," 'The Lawrence Welk Show' and a 'Weekend Special' all wrapped into one."

TNT Members - Fall 1981

Kelly Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Millicent Borges, Sue Bratton, Julieanne Fishbaugh, Julie Falie, Mona Gardener, Nicolette Glavinic, Jodi Hein, Isa Macias, Debi Manley*, Bonnie Muis, Jeri Murry, Denise Paulson, Erinn Pine, Shari Powell, CC Sadler*, SindiSewak, Pam Smith, Yvonne Torres, Cathy Trujillo, Shawnee Watson, Susan Webster, Sally Wildasinn
*Vidar Little Sisters

Vidar Brothers

Pat Brubaker, Mario Castro, Paul Chandler, Larry Conkings<, Rik Crabtree, Mark Geiger, Jeff Gerhardt, Garth Hudson, John Johnson, Tim Jones, Don Murry, Bill Norris, Bill Randall, Doug Rynerson, John Toyama<, Tim White