Friday, August 06, 2010

Cheese Chronicles

Cheese Chronicles is a wonderful read. Thorpe's youthful enthusiasm and passion for cheese leaps off the page.  With almost a rock n' roll attitude, she describes her own journey in becoming a cheesemonger for the world famous Murray's deli. She educates the reader in the different classifications of cheeses and describes the growing trend of specialty cheese making farms in the United States, which sort of parallels the rise of microbreweries in the 80's and 90's.

It's not a book I could read cover-to-cover in one sitting--mostly because it gave me the cheese joneses so bad that I frequently had to stop reading and go purchase cheese just to make it through a chapter.

The writer in me loves the author's voice and passion. The chef in me enjoyed having my mind opened to many unfamiliar types of cheeses. The nerd in me dug on learning the history and nomenclature of a delicious, groovy human subculture.

Cheese Chronicles is a difficult book to classify.  It's not a cookbook or book on how to make cheese.  It's more like a textbook on learning to love cheese.

However you slice it, Cheese Chronicles is definitely worth a read.