Saturday, February 25, 2012

Your 100 Day Prayer

Unlike other books on prayer, Your 100 Day Prayer places less emphasis on the content of prayer and more on the process of consistent prayer. It encourages the Christian to spend just a few moments a day, every day, for 100 days consistently and intentionally praying about the same issue. This process is transformative in shifting the focus from the immediate to the eternal perspective. It’s a great lesson in learning to wait…wait…wait for the answer.

The book is structured like a devotional journal; therefore, some readers may prefer a hardcopy book that can be written in rather than an eBook. Each day’s lesson consists of a scripture, a devotional reading and a jumping off point for prayer.

The scriptures and devotional shine different perspectives on the issue being prayed for. It’s these different perspectives, together with the consistency of returning to prayer again and again that begins to reshape the content and process of the prayers. In the journal area, the reader can reflect each day on his/her progress.

The one thing I wish I’d taken onboard earlier, is the author’s suggestion to use it together with a group of other people as it’s “hard to keep on praying by ourselves for something every day for any length of time.”

Your 100 Day Prayer was provided to me as an advanced reading copy by BookSneeze.